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Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring, like many other types of hard surface flooring, has undergone major advances over the last 20 years. When laminate flooring was first introduced back in the 1980′s, it was considered a cheap alternative to hardwood floors, but it never had a realistic hardwood look or feel. With new technological advances in the laminate flooring industry, companies are now able to produce high end laminate products that have a finer appearance than many REAL hardwood products. Not to mention, laminate is much more durable than real wood, requires much less maintenence, and comes at a much cheaper price than hardwood floors.

Do you want the beautiful appearance of  real hardwood floors but with exceptional performance that will holdup from the wear and tear from kids, pets, and spills? Laminate flooring is the answer many floor shoppers have found.  Laminate flooring offers a significant value in the world of hard-surface flooring, and you often cannot tell the difference between laminate and real hardwood flooring. Laminate is popular among buyers that are looking for a beautiful, durable, yet cost-effective flooring solution for their home. 

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